Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pirates City Day 1, Sunday March 14

This is the entrance to Pirates City. I was very surprised to see the extent to which fans are granted access to the players and the coaches.

This is the entrance to the main area from which one can view the five different practice fields. Only a yellow chain separates the coaches and players from the fans, and they will frequently sit on the bleachers next to people like me. For a baseball fan, I can't think of anything better; anyone who is interested in the inner-workings of spring practice needs to go to one of these.

Most of the players at Pirates City were unknown to me. Some, like Tony Sanchez or Starling Marte, I had previously read about. Neil Walker, however, I was rather familiar with. He's from Pittsburgh and seems like a good guy from the few interviews I've heard him give, but he really hasn't worked out at the major league level, and with LaRoche at 3rd base, things look rather bleak. It does seem like he's doing quite a bit better this spring as opposed to his last two, however, so here's hoping that something clicks for him.

Immediate aftermath of an unexpected bunt fail featuring Pirates minor-league catcher Luke Carlin (unsure of which specific affiliation). The Pirates scheduled a "B Game" with Baltimore that was played at Pirates City.

Various Orioles.

I don't know the name of the Orioles player who pitched the first few innings, but he was lights-out. Here is a rare example of a Pirate batter making contact with one of his pitches.

Post-swinging strike reaction shot.

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