Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pirates vs Yankees, McKechnie Field, March 14

There has been a lot of talk about this being a career year for Lastings Milledge, and I am solidly in agreement. On this past sunday when Milledge nailed a line drive deep to left field off of a CC Sabathia pitch, I felt like my beliefs were justified.

Just look at the smile on his face.

Milledge has had a reputation for being immature and perhaps overly arrogant; many people were justifiably nervous about the Nyger Morgan trade that brought him to Pittsburgh. However, from the moment he got here, it would seem that Milledge is a changed man. Many people, athletes or otherwise, don't realize when they're on their last chance until it's already passed, but there have been no locker room horror stories and Milledge's consistent production was one of the few high points of the end of the Pirates' last season.

Milledge had an easy single off of the Sabathia pitch, but then a Yankee made an error, guaranteeing Milledge a double. Unfortunately, Milledge thought he would try for third. He did not succeed. I do not have pictures of Milledge getting ran down between second and third because I am not a professional photographer and was too shocked to remember to work the camera. However, he managed to laugh it off. If it was me with my personality, I would have seriously considered retirement, so good on him.

I do not remember Milledge looking this sad and dejected after the discussion with Beasley about his grave miscalculation, but this picture has a definite "awww" quality to it. Fortunately, Milledge got two hits and a walk in this game, and it looks as though this year might be all kinds of amazing for him. Let's hope!

Andy LaRoche moments from hitting the pitch that will graze Sabathia's glove, partially causing him to be taken out of the game midway through the inning.

Short Stop Ronnie Cedeno made a great steal for second in this game, but unfortunately destabilized Robinson Cano in the process. Cano attempted to regain his balance by stepping on Cedeno's hand (cleats!) and still fell right on top of the poor guy. This is a picture of him leaving the game due to the resulting laceration. Luckily the injury was not serious, and he is playing again as of today.

Derek Jeter swinging and missing a Charlie Morton pitch, who went on to strike him out.

A very expressive Andrew McCutchen expressing his displeasure with the referee's called strike.

The great CC Sabathia looking almost humble for a moment...

...And then grinning like the devil.

Morton pitching.

Morton on the pitcher's mound.

And finally, Jonathan Albaladejo. This guy is supposed to be a decent relief pitcher, but this guy looked wan as hell in this game. He allowed five runs and ended the game with a 45.00 ERA. Just look at these pictures; I'm no doctor, but that pallor is not the kind of thing you expect to see on an athlete. Party less, my friend.

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