Saturday, March 20, 2010

more Pittsburgh vs Yankees game

I was fortunate enough to take a series of photos depicting CC Sabathia's pitch. Pardon the presence of the first-base coach; this was the most he ever got out of the way.

It is amazing to me how similar a pitcher's execution remains through a game. One can only imagine how much time is spent in front of a mirror getting it perfect. One can only shudder to think about how easy it is for one's mechanics to be thrown off.

Andy LaRoche gets a hit.
The stellar Charlie Morton gets one past Robinson Cano.
This is, I believe, Randy Winn. I love these photos; the adrenaline created by seeing a batter get a hit and the briefness of a moment like this causes it to rarely be remembered as more than a blur.

I will end today's post with a few photos of Pirates players before the game. Here is Garrett Jones.
And the seemingly-inseparable M&Ms: Milledge and McCutcheon.

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  1. great shots. i can't wait for the regular season to begin!