Saturday, April 10, 2010

4-10-10 vs D-Backs: Evidence of the jinx

Yesterday Charlie Morton started for the first time this season. From what I've heard, he has the potential to be the best pitcher on the Pirates' staff in terms of consistency. Last night, for two innings, it looked like that prediction would be proved correct. What happened then, you ask? Witness my unedited notes:

"morton strikes out jackson

morton pitching 95 miles an hour

morton doing real good so far

adam is 0 for 13 with 7 strikeouts.

then he gets a 2-rbi base hit.

morton struggles

grand slam

f*** the third inning"

In this case, I think the unedited reaction most effectively conveys the event.

I will say this, however: when Adam Laroche got that 2-rbi base hit (the first of two hits for him last night), I had an odd feeling of happiness. Adam always slumps in spring and managed to incur the wrath of Pittsburgh fans as a result. In many ways, it seemed as though he was emblematic of everything wrong with the team. However, last night, Adam got his pound of fat. Although my beloved Pirates lost, I tip my hat to the chronically under-appreciated first baseman.

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