Thursday, April 8, 2010

4-7-10 vs. the LA Dodgers

Night games. Pros: The Pittsburgh summer inferno takes a break and I don't have fears of skin cancer lurking in the back of my mind. The sunsets are lovely.
Cons: By the 7th inning, everyone around you is wasted and hoarsely shouting lame jokes that everyone nevertheless laughs at because they are drunk, too. And, as I found out today, taking photos becomes very tricky unless you have a lens worth at least a thousand dollars.
Nevertheless, the temperature seals the deal for me. Although baseball is a day game, I prefer it to be played at night.
Look at Ohlendorf's crazy eyes.
Despite holding the Pirates to three runs, Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw struggled a bit this evening. Any pitcher who manages to walk Ross Ohlendorf twice in one game doesn't have his best stuff with him.
Paul Maholm once described Ohlendorf as the worst-batting pitcher he'd ever seen. When you've got a guy who is both a Yale graduate and a successful major-league pitcher, you can't really expect him to be Carlos Zambrano. Life has to have some kind of balance to it.
Garret Jones immediately after hitting his three-RBI home run. I hear there's going to be a Garret Jones action figure giveaway at PNC Park later this summer, which seems very appropriate.
Several Pirate batters simultaneously congratulating Jones and touching him in the hope of absorbing any excess supernatural ability that he might be radiating.
Kershaw was less than pleased.
The Pirates have made significant headway in terms of style this year, and Aki Iwamura is largely to thank for this. Never have I so greatly enjoyed watching someone take pitches. Does Iwamura wind up hitting this pitch? Probably not. Hell, he probably even checked this swing.
I was fortunate enough to capture an amusing sequence involving one of Jones's other at-bats. Here we see him attempting to make contact with a strange little swing of the bat.

He catches just enough of the ball to send it out of the catcher's reach.

Amusing sidenote: If McCutchen were on base, he could have been to third by now.
Watching Doumit swing can be somewhat painfu. As he demonstrated last year, he is capable of swinging a bat hard enough to snap bones in his hand solely from kinetic energy. Here he fouls a ball and follows it with a characteristic stagger.
Aki Iwamura makes absolutely one-hundred-percent damn sure he does not get hit by a pitch.

More baseball at 12:30 with a new post to follow shortly thereafter.

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