Tuesday, April 20, 2010

4-20-10 vs the Milwaukee Brewers

I'm just gonna get this out of the way.
Aki is not pleased.
And they call it "Lonesome Town"....
Where the broken hearts stay....

Seriously, though, I think the trifecta of Penguins playoff hockey, Morton's infamy and our 0-15 record against the Brewers are to blame.
From left: Jack Taschner, Evan Meek, and Javier Lopez of the Bullpen, easily the strongest facet of the 2010 Pirates.
The traditional pre-game goof-off initiated by Milledge and McCutchen. Look at them, enjoying each other's company, happy to be playing baseball, blissfully unaware of six runs the Brewers are soon to get in the first two innings.
Despite the blowout defeat, the M&M Brothers nevertheless managed to get a run late in the game. This is what we need more of: batters that get RBIs regardless of how badly the game is going and how little the offense is doing.

Charlie Morton. He plays guitar, he sings, and he is said to have great potential as a pitcher. That being said, we have yet to see any concrete evidence of this in Pittsburgh.
It's really rather confounding. He appears to be in perfect physical shape, he keeps accumulating experience as a starter, and yet he continues to diminish in reliability.
His first start went straight to hell in the third, but he managed to accumulate five strikeouts through two innings before he hit the wall that continues to plague him. In this game, however, things looked bad almost immediately.
How to describe the sound of a nearly-empty PNC Park erupting in sarcastic applause, the ability of a crowd of several thousand fans booing a Pirates starter with the fervor (and volume) of a standing-room-only sellout. One really has to admire the nerves of steel that major league athletes possess. If I had been in his shoes, I would have probably attempted to dig a hole in the pitcher's mound and bury myself in it.
Brewers starting pitcher Dave Bush, on the other hand, was very effective against the Pirates once again.
He had some command problems in the first inning, but quickly settled into seeming-invulnerability.
As result, there was a lot of this.
And this.
And thinly-veiled reactions like this...
And tons of this.

You get the point.

He's doing a victory dance, for God's sake.
The origins of a pop-up.

So much fail.
Whatever, Fielder.
The Brewers bats, on the other hand, took full advantage of Morton's struggles.

It is a real shame that we could not capitalize upon Bush's rocky first inning. The whole game could have gone differently

It was nevertheless enjoyable to watch McCutchen get the sole run of the game.
Look at how fast he runs. It's like he's stuck in a wind tunnel.
Leave it to Milledge to bat McCutchen in.
Our relief pitching was once again fantastic. Here we see Jack Taschner pitching very economically and quickly getting through the two innings he pitched. When you're losing 8-0, nothing could be better.

Javier Lopez was also effective. Here we see him in the midst of a distinctive side-arm pitch.
Finally, there was some of this. However, when you're down 6-0 in the second inning, the most one can really hope for is to stop the bleeding. Duke pitches tonight; as I get ready for bed, I dream of a quality start.

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