Thursday, May 6, 2010

5-6-20 vs. Cubs

Mark it on your calendars: Charlie Morton finally had a truly great start, and the Pirates might finally have a fourth starting pitcher!
Not only was Morton effective, but he was also very fast. The game was two and a half hours long!
Charlie's problem this season has been his inability to regain his composure and control after running into a rough spot. Morton is a different pitcher once the opposing team gets their first hit off him; after that he seems to go into a free-fall.
It really looked like this was going to happen once again in this game. He was hitless through three in a display of masterful economical pitching, only to allow two runs before the fourth inning was over. Thanks to our resurgence of Pirates offense, however, we still had the lead.
However, despite a woefully-brief bottom of the fourth, Morton returned to pitch the fifth as if nothing had happened. Maybe it's the bubblegum pictured above. Save that gum, Charlie. That might be magic bubblegum.

Once again the bullpen was fantastic.
Including Dotel, who started by throwing three balls, only to get all three outs and earn his fifth save.

A bizarre collision in left field.

And the other big news: Steve Pearce is back from a terrific run in AAA. He got no hits tonight, but look at these saves. I am reminded of Fleury's defensive splits.
He actually made this out without taking his foot off the bag.
Hot damn.

Xavier Nady got a decent round of applause from the very small crowd. It's just nice to see him still playing after his second Tommy John surgery.

Second win in a row, and against a good team as well. Tonight Burres pitches. I'd love to see the guy do a decent job; it's sad to see a young pitcher's career compromised by bad luck and a lack of depth at starting pitching.

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