Thursday, May 27, 2010

Can't Win 'Em All: photos from 5-20-10 vs. Milwaukee

Before the game started, the home base umpire caught a pitch on the side of his head.
He decided to stay in for the first inning, but was pulled shortly thereafter.
During that inning, the Pirates looked great. Maholm got a quick three outs, and we put up three runs on the board.

However, it took a very very long time to get a replacement home umpire prepared for the game. Witness the Pirates killing time.
Many baseball players chew tobacco, and as we see here, Steve Pearce is no exception.
Maholm had several bad innings once the game resumed. Long breaks like this are not good for pitchers; Maholm was able to get his head together eventually, but by that point the damage had been done.
This may look bad, but Andrew wasn't going to field this ball anyway.

This is why Jones gets so few home runs anymore. How you put any power behind a swing like this mystifies me. One has to hand it to Jones for being able to adapt, however. He still gets clutch hits and gets on base a lot.

The embarrassing strikeout face.

One hates to see this. Doumit has a history of injuries. Luckily, he was fine. Unluckily, we couldn't capitalize on his getting on base and lost.

As I write this, the Pirates are about to play the Reds. Pearce is on the DL, Laroche is still DTD, and Neil Walker will be playing third. He has shown good offensive potential throughout his first two appearances; let's hope it continues.

Also, Morton is the starting pitcher. I remember when he was the starting pitcher who raised the most concerns in my mind; unfortunately, Ohlendorf has now assumed that role. Nevertheless, I remain cautiously optimistic.

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