Tuesday, June 1, 2010

5-31-10: vs. the cubs

We may be ten games under five hundred, but if we could just play the Cubs for the rest of the year, our worries would be over.
Ross Ohlendorf finally had a truly great start. Only three hits allowed, and one run that was due to a rare McCutchen outfield gaffe. Ross looked like a different player in comparison to his last start.
We also got to experience a brief, fierce downpour with several thunderclaps. The home base umpire never suspended play, and soon enough it was once again bizarrely hot.
The Cubs get their one run.

Despite his error in the first inning, McCutchen had several terrific plays later in the game that silenced all drunken detractors in the stands.
In radio interviews, Ross comes across as mild-mannered and maybe even shy. On the mound, however, he gets crazy eyes like no other pitcher I've seen.

Several Pirates are also apparently growing mustaches in the hopes of changing the team's luck. Doumit seems to have stolen his from Mr. Potatohead.
Normally I don't upload embarrassing candid shots like this because they're a dime-a-dozen and tacky. However, the awesomeness of this photo simply cannot be denied.

As the above photo clearly indicates, Meek also had a great appearance.

Dotel once again got the save, earning himself a hug from Mr. Moustache. The road trip may have been a disaster, but seeing us beat a team who is only four games ahead of us despite a salary differential of over a hundred million never ceases to thrill me.

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  1. That Doumit shot says more about why I'm a Pirates fan than an entire book ever could.