Friday, June 18, 2010

6-17-10: vs. the White Sox

11-game losing streak, but I think there's a very decent chance we will beat the Indians at least once, so maybe there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

Tabata's prolonged reaction to the Pirates' many issues.

Ohlendorf was not horrible, but he is capable of far better than what he showed tonight.

Fielding a grounder.

Talking to Kerrigan.
Mark Buehrle was fantastic once again. Was the sudden change in the White Sox pitching rotation a strategy to exploit Pedro Alvarez's weakness against lefties? I'd imagine yes!
Lots and lots of White Sox fans at the game. Buehrle got significant applause as he left the field.
And yes, Alvarez struggled at bat. 0 for 4, including a deflating strike-out to end the offensive rally in the eighth that looked really bad. I've said it before: I am anticipating a struggle as he adjusts to the majors.
His fielding, however, was very good. Night-and-day from last night, as a matter of fact.
Of course, no one wants Pedro for his glove.
Milledge had another productive night. Here we see him indicating his disappointment at Pedro's strikeout.
Neil Walker got his second home run, however. Too bad it was for one RBI, but I'll take what I can get.

Andy got a pinch-hit double, which was great to see.
McCutchen's failed attempt to beat out a throw to first revealed an interesting aspect of his personality. When approaching the umpire whose call he clearly disagreed with, he gave him a big smile as Russell approached the plate.

He held off the angry look until his back was to the umpire.
Russell actually got fairly animated in arguing the call. This is his 'ticked-off' look.
McCutchen in better spirits.
Tabata on first after a single.
Tabata interacting with the freakishly-thin Alexei Ramirez.

Hanrahan had a shaky outing. He let in a run (attributed to Ohlendorf, but still) and followed it with a wild pitch that advanced a baserunner.

Milledge makes a play on a blooper. This ball went on to bounce back out of the glove after Milledge landed.
Crosby post-strikeout
And Church after making the final strikeout in the ninth. It was not a good at-bat, either; similar to Alvarez's fourth strikeout in that neither of them seemed to see the ball or have any patience. Unlike Alvarez, Church has little excuse to be pressing like he was.
Maybe tonight....

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