Saturday, June 19, 2010

6-18-10: vs. the Cleveland Indians

Paul Maholm turned in a pretty good start that was ultimately marred by a disappointing 7th inning in which a succession of Cleveland batters scored four runs off a series of singles seemingly guided by whatever malevolent force has caused the one-run ball games to turn against us. How's that for a run-on sentence?
Carmona was only a hair better than Maholm, but with the way the Buccos have been doing, that is unfortunately more than enough for a win.

Walker reacts to a strike.
Maholm hits Peralta with a pitch.

He would go on to get a 1-rbi double off of Maholm, which as it turns out was far more damaging.
Alvarez has still not managed to get a hit, but defensively he has been impressive.
Neil Walker hit an early single, only to blow it with an ill-advised attempted steal of second. I'd love to know what happened here; he was out by about three feet.
If ever there was a photo that summed up the current state of the team, this would be it. Embarrassment, dejection, blown opportunities, bewilderment. But don't worry: the banana is still very green, people.
McCutchen was visibly perturbed by the blown steal. This gesture towards the dugout is fairly easy to interpret.
Maholm exhibits a classic baseball demeanor of stoicism that manifests as vaguely pissed-off. He comes across this way regardless of how he is performing. In this game, however, I could swear he looked a little more vaguely pissed-off than usual. Like here.
Or here, where he apparently called a batter out on a strike he had previously thrown.
Doumit made no defensive blunders today. Except for this one, but no one really picked up on it. Yes, a routine throw to the pitcher was botched when the ball seemed to drop right out of his hand.
An interesting play; Duncan forces Cedeno off the basepath.

Doumit pursues a ball.
Didn't get this out, however.
Maholm got a decent applause as he left the pitcher's mound. A win (or at least a no-decision) would have been preferable, but these days a starting pitcher takes what he can get. It was a real pleasure to see him pitch this game; it's been a long time since I've seen a pitcher start so well.
Doumit makes an out at the plate! An iffy appearance by Hanrahan, who allowed one inherited run and threw a wild pitch.

When I saw that Milledge was being benched for Ryan Church, I was angry. Milledge struggles against right-handed pitching, but he's been our most consistent hitter these last few days and I believe earned the chance to start this game. Nevertheless, Church got a clutch hit that brought us one run from tying the game yet again. I maintain that Milledge would have homered, however.
Walker holds the runner at third.
Jones gets a run.
Church's expression as he returns to the dugout. Staring down the barrel of merciless mathematical regression.

There's my displeased Tabata shot.
Dotel was effective tonight. Sloppy (as evidenced by this near-disaster) but effective.
As he left the pitcher's mound he was not shy about having a religious moment.
That transitioned into yet another look of guarded frustration.

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