Friday, June 11, 2010

6-10-10: Altoona Curve vs. Harrisburg Senators

Approaching Blair County Ballpark and the end of the constant construction between here and Pittsburgh.

Lovely. 10 dollars for any seat, real grilled hamburgers, and a roller coaster over the right field wall.

This is Steamer, one of two Curve mascots.
And this is Al Toona.
The game the night before was rained out, and we were lucky enough to see a double-header. The pitcher of the first game was Tim Alderson. We wound up winning 3-2.

Chase D'Arnaud, who has struggled this season with an average of only around .211. As of this writing, however, he apparently went 4 for 5 tonight.

Closer Daniel Moskos. This guy looked good; he had the utmost confidence taking the mound with only a 2-3 lead, and smiled more than any pitcher I've seen ever.

The first game ended at around 7:30 and the second began at 8:15.
The pitcher for the second game was Rudy Owens. This guy gave a commendable performance given the fact that the Senators pitcher threw 6 hitless innings, and only issued one walk. Owens gave up six hits and one run.

A great catch by Hector Gimenez.

Chuck James. This guy apparently played in the majors for four years. I don't know what went wrong there, but he certainly seems ready for AAA.
Rudy Owens after a strikeout. Chuck James got 6 strikeouts in a row at one point. On one hand it's disappointing to see a team with the highest winning percentage in all of baseball not even get a hit, but it's still amazing to see someone pitch that well.
Chris Marrero strikes out. He is leading the team in home runs and RBIs.
You just don't see gestures like this in the majors.
Chuck James shortly after a line drive hits him in the ankle. I figured we'd finally get a baserunner out of this, but James managed to field this ball and get the runner out at first. I, on the other hand, would have probably lost my leg.
Jordy Mercer runs out a pop-up.
We weren't able to hit the relief pitchers, either. For as good as the Curve is, they do not have any big bats beyond Hector Gimenez. D'Arnaud's season has not started well, Alex Presley is regressing towards the mean, and neither Josh Harrison nor Jordy Mercer are hitting for power. The Curve's strengths lie in stellar defense and pitching.
Jim Negrych pinch hit for Owens.
Jimmy Barthmaier pitched relief. Despite having a 54.00 era, he did very well.

Matt Hague gets an out at first.
And so the first game was a win and the second was a loss. Regardless, this is an amazing ballpark and I plan to go back once some of the Bradenton players get there.

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