Tuesday, June 1, 2010

6-1-10: vs. the Chicago Cubs

Our dominance of the Cubs continues. What I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall of a Chicago sports bar after one of these games. When the Buccos lose to someone, sixteen years of under .500 seasons lends to a certain amount of resigned acceptance. The Cubs, however, should be better than this. Should be.
Closeup of a bloop single.

Karstens' changeup was in full effect tonight.

Milledge gets a walk
We are in the era of bizarre Pirates facial hair worn in an attempt to reverse the team's luck. Crosby's interpretation of the mustache is especially unique.
Jones got his second home run in two days tonight, but found himself getting dinged up in the outfield.

Let no man say that he didn't give it his all.
In addition to a great start, Karstens also got a solid single to left field. Witness the resulting grin.
Neil Walker, hometown hero after his 2-rbi home run at the bottom of the eighth.

Jones easily wins the award for having the most socially-acceptable facial hair. Bit of a Zorro thing going on, but it's fitting.
This is the pitch that Jones hit for a home run. As with last night, the pitch was at the bottom of the strike zone. It would be great to see him begin to hit these pitches with this kind of power.

Andy Laroche's strike-out face.
McCutchen successfully stealing second.
Karstens at the beginning of the wind-up.
Another stellar performance by Hanrahan.

Doumit successfully channels Wyatt Earp.
I have to hand it to McCutchen. At his age, I couldn't even come close to this goatee. Matter of fact, I still can't.
Future core of the Pirates as a contending team?
Milledge steals.

Dotel finally got the cheers and applause that he deserves upon taking the mound. The man is now 8 for 8.

Add up the salary of everyone you see in this picture and you couldn't get Alfonso Soriano for one season, and yet we are still 7 and 8 against Chicago. God bless.

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