Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wednesday May 19: vs. the Brewers

Coming off of their first winning road trip since 2007 , the Pirates were able to keep the momentum going by defeating the Brewers at PNC park for the first time since who knows when.
Pittsburghers hate this time. Braun may be a great player, but he comes across as a prima donna. Hence the nickname "Cryin' Ryan". Tonight he made an ill-advised attempt to steal third base after having successfully stolen second and got tagged out. Beautiful.
Burres had another solid start. Here we see him strike Prince Fielder out on three pitches.

Steve Pearce had a bizarre game. Despite getting an error that cost us at least one run and an additional poor play, he went 3 for 4, which is just about the only way to make up for it.
Holding the baserunner to first.

Doumit awaits a pop up.

It was a joy to see the Pirates get runs in the 7th inning. When the Pirates win, it tends to be as a result of solid starting pitching, early offense and our stellar bullpen's ability to get strike outs. Apparently the Buccos are 12-1 if leading in the sixth.
It's a good thing we won, because John Russel bizarrely chose to pinch hit Jeff Clemente against a lefty pitcher with the bases loaded. Pirates pitcher Burres had already driven in a tying run earlier in the game; between a choice of Clemente and Burres I think I would have stuck with our pitcher. Andy Laroche also seemed puzzled; here we see him immediately after Clemente's fly-out. I don't think it's a stretch to say that he looks pissed.

An unfortunate play. Looks like Cedeno's got the out, but he lifted his left leg off the bag to make the catch.
Another strong performance by Lopez, whose era is around 2.50 right now.
Andy Laroche when the game was (clearly) still on the line.
Milledge avoids getting hit in the head.

The Brewers attempting to come to terms with the very real possibility of losing this game and going 0 for 9.

Laroche conferences with Pearce on the way to the dugout.
I know the world has been praying for a reincarnation of John Holmes; their wish has apparently been granted in the form of a Brewers relief pitcher named John Axford.

Another brilliant appearance by Dotel; this was to be his ninth save of the season.
Braun shortly before his embarrassing out at second.
At this point, I can only assume that Braun thought he could get the drop on Laroche and outrun him to third.
He was wrong.

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