Tuesday, August 24, 2010

In a Past Life, Ross Ohlendorf Did Very Bad Things

8-23-10: vs the St. Louis Cardinals

The Pitcher's Mound pre-game: so beautiful, so perfect, betraying none of the catastrophe about to unfold upon and all around it.
The sky, on the other hand....
Last night, Pittsburgh Pirates starting pitcher Ross Ohlendorf faced two batters before being taken out of the game due to right shoulder soreness. Video posted by Dejan Kovacevic showed a clearly-spooked Ohlendorf discussing the injury, a first in his career, and the fact that he had no idea what was wrong or how serious it was.
Around forty minutes ago, Dejan Kovacevic posted a video interview of Ohlendorf stating that his season might be over. He has been diagnosed with a strained lat muscle behind his right shoulder, which is of course very serious for a pitcher and requires enough rest that the best case scenario has him returning for one or two starts at the very most by the end of this season.
Let's look at a timeline chronicling the major events of Ross Ohlendorf's season thus far.
-March: Ross Ohlendorf's spring training goes poorly, posting an 0-3 record with a 9.61 ERA over 6 games.

-April: Ohlendorf makes his season debut on the 7th against the Dodgers. He lasts five innings, giving up 4 hits for 2 earned runs. He gets a no-decision.
After this appearance, Ohlendorf goes on the DL-15 for back spasms. He doesn't make another start until May 10th.

-May: Ohlendorf is activated off the disabled list and struggles for most of the month. He earns three losses and two no decisions, logging an ERA of 4.39 for the month. It is worth noting, however, that his start on May 31st is very good, with Ohlendorf going 7 innings with only one earned run.

-June: Things go further downhill for Ohlendorf, who earns an additional 3 loses this month to bring his total to 0-6. His ERA for this balloons to 5.59.

-July: On the second, Ohlendorf records his first and only win of the season. He goes 7 innings, giving up no runs on 5 hits and earning 8 strikeouts.

This was the month where Ohlendorf's extremely bad luck began to surface. He had an era of 2.86 for the month despite one truly bad start on July 17th against the Houston Astros wherein he lasted only 1.1 innings, giving up 4 earned runs on 5 hits.
Despite the low ERA, Ohlendorf accumulated another two losses this month.
On July 28th, in a start against the Rockies, Ohlendorf lasts only two innings before getting hit on the side of the head by a line drive. He leaves the game, but miraculously avoids going on the DL.

-August: Ohlendorf settles down and becomes perhaps the best pitcher in the Pirates bullpen, posting an era of 3.16 for the month. He gets hit in the leg by a line drive on August second, but shakes it off and continues to pitch.

Around the middle of the month, articles start appearing documenting Ohlendorf's horrendous luck. The fact that he is at one point 1-11 with an era of 3.77 manages to get some recognition, and unfortunately this would appear to be the only justice Ohlendorf finds in this season.

On the 23rd, Ohlendorf faces two batters before leaving the game due to discomfort in his right shoulder.

And here we are. In a home stand that has seen Zach Duke be fortunate enough to pitch on Opposite Day and everyone else turn in very bad starts, one of the very few solid performers of the season is now potentially shut down for the rest of it.

It might not be out of the question to bring in a witch doctor.

After having gone through the photos, this is the first indication I have of Ohlendorf visibly experiencing discomfort in his shoulder.

Skip Schumaker, just one of the many Cardinals baserunners tonight.
Ohlendorf sends a mental distress signal to John Russell.

This might very well be the last photo I get to post of Ohlendorf in PNC Park this season.
Bad night in the Pirates Bullpen: Sean Gallagher makes his way onto the diamond.
New pitching coach Ray Searage leaves the pitching mound after Gallagher gives up a 3-rbi home run on his first pitch. I'd love to know the origin of that smile.
Gallagher appreciates the humor in it all?
probably not.

On the plus side, Tabata managed to steal a base tonight and go 3 for 4.

The Legendary Albert Pujols also had a pretty good night!
These are not the best pictures I have ever taken, but I am posting them for the sheer amusement value.

Ronny Cedeno's look of death.
A very happy Tabata realizes he is one of two Pirates who can say that he had a genuinely-good game.
One failed out that can't be put on Doumit.
The pitch was too slow.

Gallagher ran into trouble again in the fifth inning, allowing another run before being pulled.
He was unhappy.

And then Chan Ho Park came in, demonstrating just how greatly he is currently struggling in relief.

He pitched two innings. The second inning was notable for being the first time he has not allowed a run in an inning since becoming a Pirate.
Kyle Lohse had a good game, going 5.1 innings with two earned runs on six hits despite his 6.42 ERA.

Chris Carpenter managed to apply the tag at home plate. I could see this upsetting Doumit a little bit.

And tonight, Adam Wainwright is the starting pitcher going for his 18th win of the season. God have mercy.

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