Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Reprieve from Despair: The Altoona Curve

The Pittsburgh Pirates-Milwaukee Brewers game currently being played is truly godawful. Rarely does one see futility illustrated in such colorful detail. I feel like when I was a little kid on the playground, and an older bully would grab me, take me down and grab the back of my neck, ultimately forcing me to look at a dead rat mere inches from my face. Having little choice, I took a good long look.

I have a choice now, but still I look because as it happens I am a big fan of nostalgia.

Anyway, last night I was lucky enough to see the Altoona Curve vs. Richmond Flying Squirrels game. And guess what? Altoona won. Soon there will be pictures fresh from an alternate dimension wherein a baseball team affiliated with the Pittsburgh Pirates is number one in its league by a healthy margin. And there are teams with names like The Flying Squirrels.

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